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Syed Sarwar Chishty
(ex secretary of Anjuman syedzadgan registered organisation of Syedzadgan Khuddam-e-Khwaja) rightly quotes that we are “The sons” of this soil. During the political turmoil of 1947 we remained attached to the Indian soil. Khadims stood shoulder to shoulder to brace all “national calamities”. And it shall not be out of place to mention the patriotic culture of the Khadim community of Huzoor Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.)

1. Resolution dated 19/10/1947 passed by the general body of the Khadim community where by it was resolved to boycott those Khadims who migrated from thier motherland to Pakistan, except for the purpose of education and business.

2. Resolution dated 04/11/1962 passed by the Khadim community, (a) condemning the Chinese aggression on India and offering the Goverment their full support and service, (b) advising all the youth of the Khadim community to join the defence training in the National Rifle Raksha Dal, and (c) purchasing the defence bonds for Rs. 11000.00 by Anjuman Syedzadgan.

3. The Khadim community donated a sum of Rs. 100000.00 (one lac only) in the national defence fund vide cheque no. 0004834 date. 28/06/1999, presented to Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee at the P.M. house (Kargil’s cause).

4. The Khadim community resolved on 30/01/2001 to donate a sum of Rs. 10000.00 (one lac only ) to the Chief Minister’s relief fund for the Gujrat earthquake calamity vide cheque no.213574 date. 30/01/2001 (I.O.B.) (Annexure already submitted before the JPC in Ajmer on 4th July, 2002.)

5. Khadim community donated a sum of Rupees One Lac in the Prime Minister’s relief fund Vide Cheque No. 120931 Dated 12.01.2005 to Prime Minister Shri Man Mohan Singh in Parliament on 16th March 2005 for Tsunami victims.