Offerings or Nazarana

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Nazrana (Offerings):- It is one of the prominent feature of Dargahs & Khanqas (Spiritual monasteries)

It is an Arabic word meant for any kind of offering (both in cash & in kind) the pilgrims & Mureeds offer voluntarily to their respective Duwagos (Khadims of the Mazar) for the “satisfactory - spiritual services” (Dua) rendered by them. It is also paid on the fulfillment of one’s own vow (Mannat e.g. getting a child or such as business or completion of a house etc.) it is a gesture of appreciation paid for rendering satisfactory spiritual service hence it is personal, undisputable, irrefutable and “unclaimable” by others. It is neither pre - determined nor “pre - fixed” but “willing offering” on the fulfillment of one’s on cherished desires. Based on age old Sufi tradition of Dargahs & Khanqas it is purely meant for personal use.

To quote in support the view of Sheikh Djamali, a mystic and historian of the times of Humayun, “Every year, many distinguished men come to kiss the dust of the Astana (Dargah of Ajmer) and present amounts of cash to the Khadims of this magnificent tomb, and pay them their respects.”

Sheikh Djamali, Siyar-ul-Arfin, p. 13 (Translation from Persian supplied). Also cited in Jawab Namah, p. 112 being the printed answers of the Khadims to the questionnaire issued by the Dargah Khwaja Sahib (Ajmer) committee of enquiry (1949).

Candid opinions in the form of questionnaire (Istifta) were invited by Fida-Ul-Mulk, Arshi Ajmeri on 11th Moharram 1378 A.H. from different Ulemas (Scholars) and Muftis (religious authorities) to give their religious verdict (Fatwas) on this subject which is given above in the Istifta (Questionnaire) option.