Sufism Healing / Treatment

Sufi Healing  (Roohani Illaaj)

The vocation of spiritual healing is a special gift and cannot be taught or learned. The secret of spiritual healing resides in the absence of the self when confronted with the all-pervading Healing Power.


It is true that there was a time, when to be ill and weak was accounted a sign of saintliness, when those who were seeking to tread the spiritual path neglected and ill-treated their bodies, starved and ill-used them until they were living skeletons, reduced to the lowest possible state of misery and distress, and quite incapable of constructive thought and action. These days are past; wiser counsels now prevail, the mind of man has come to a saner and wiser opinion. He realizes that the body, which is the temple of God, should be a fitting habitation for its heavenly Guest, and that the instrument through which man functions should be as perfect a vehicle as possible.

As humans throughout our lifetime we will without a doubt experience problems/difficulties in all aspects of life. It is very important that before one jumps to the assumption that they are affected by black magic or Spiritual Possession he/she must look at their own Iman (belief in all aspects of faith ). One must brush up and fix any weaknesses and keep striving to fully come to the  right path whilst firmly adhering to the laws of creator.

However black magic ,Spiritual possession is real and its effects do have an impact without a shadow of doubt. The effects will progress and get worse unless treated.
We Ajmer Sharif Khadims Treat people from all over the world often only a phone conversation is necessary to assess the ailment one has. This is done through special Sufi Prayers therefore all treatment given is effective, Faith based healing.

The Healing methods used can be many, but more often the most popular used are to  prescribeTaweez to the patient or prescribe Tibb based medicine (Unani-tibb or Unani Medicine also spelledYunani Medicine).

We  provide Spiritual treatment for Negative Spiritual Possessions, Depression, Body Pain-Joint Pain,Pray for success for the Unemployed,Stress,Devil Extraction, Success in Litigation cases,Pray for success in finding suitable Life Partner,Remedy for any unexplained Medical ailment,Anger Management,Remedy for Negative Personality, Success in Exams: Educational,Driving or any other Exam or test. Sleeping Disorder's,Sleep walking, Nightmares,Children Behaviour Problems. Childless Woman,Skin Disorders,Pimples. Addictions,such as: Drug abuse,Alcoholics,Obesity etc...etc.. Basically any ailment that is considered unexplained by modern Medicine can  achive sucessful results, through prayer,Fatih Healing – Sufi Healing!...
 .....Inshallah! (God Willing!)

All that is need from the patients part is Trust,Patient and strict compliance to our instructions. The patiend may continue with medicine prescribed by their repective Medical Practioner (Doctor) for their Ailment while on Sufi Tretment. However we would encourge strong ties are made to the individuals faith as worshipping God alone is the right remedy for your pain & thus will speed up your recovery process.

Any service provided for Healing is completely free off charge. However it is traditional in Sufism to give an offering known as"Nazer-o-Niaz" after achieving  success in one's ailment or suffering. This is not essential! It is considered as a  Thanks Giving gesture from the Sufferer to the Shrine.  Usually it is in the Form of A Shroud (Chadder) or Fresh fragrant Rose flowers to be showered upon the Tomb of the Great Saint Hazrth Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A).

However we would like to mention more importantly that we do not discriminate one from the other, regardless of any contribution made or not and that all are treated equally,Regardless of Race,Gender or Belief. This is the Essence of Sufi Healing (Faith Healing).

"Love for All Malice to Non"...Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A)
Our direct paternal ancestor, Hazrat Khwaja Fakhruddin Gurdezi (RH) was the paternal cousin of Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz (RA) and also was his spiritual brother. His closeness to Khwaja was such that even his shrine is on the right-hand side of the holy shrine of Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz.

This privileged legacy is evident in Peer Sahib's love for Khwaja and devotion to his principles. Peer Sahib selfless love and ageless wisdom have the power to take you on a unique spiritual path that very few in today's world believe even exists and all that he asks for in return is your love for Khwaja without whom this journey would never be possible. Peer Sahib has always professed the unity of all faiths in this culturally rich and diverse land of India.

He has always endeavoured to bring together people with the message of love and devotion in the eternal pursuit of truth. This website is a gesture of the gratefulness of some very blessed and fortunate followers of Sufi Peer Sahib who thank Allah, his Prophet and Holy Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz to have given them this destiny.